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Open positions in Kvalitetna Gradnja d.o.o. company

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Kvalitetna Gradnja

Drywaller or drywall  team (KNAUF)

Drywall specialists and team required

Net payment between 5 or 7 euros per hour

We provide residence  permit, accommodation, medical  insurance, uniform and transportation free.

from 1300 €

Kvalitetna Gradnja

Concreate worker (specialist)

Requirements – ability to work with circuit (scheme)

Net payment from 5 €/h to 7 €/h

We provide residence  permit, accommodation, medical  insurance, uniform and transportation free.

from 1300 €

Kvalitetna Gradnja

Steel fixer -Current vacancy is closed

1300 €

Kvalitetna Gradnja

Roofer -Current vacancy is closed

от 1500 €



We’re one of the top three building companies in all of Dalmatia.


Our company always has a job. It’s prestigious to work with us.


We’ve been on the Croatian market for over two years.

Frequently asked questions about work:

We are a direct employer, Kvalitetna Gradnja d.o.o.

Croatia, City of Split and the surrounding area, including islands.

Working conditions:

Monday-Saturday work schedule is 9-10 hours a day + lunch, Sunday -weekend.
The schedule depends on the building site on which you work and may change.

Legal work. After your arrival, we draw up a year’s work permit and residence permit of Croatia, with the possibility of extension and receipt of the Croatian permanent residence after 4 years, further obtaining of the EU passport.

The official salary from 10th to 15th on the card, bonuses and processing are paid from 15th to 20th. Opportunity of career and pay increase in an hour, also after 3 months of work according to your desire and ability we send you to Germany on a business trip with a higher hourly fee.
Hourly payment (from 5 € / h for specialists and from 4 € / h for assistants and general workers).
Self-containment is not required when there is a coronavirus test.
Accommodation is provided free of charge (accommodation with all comfort: bed set, dishes, air-conditioner, 1-2 persons in a room). Depending on the apartment, a utility is paid separately (10-25 €/month).
Transportation to work in our car.
Health insurance is paid by employer.
The necessary electrical and manual tool is given to each staff member, in pursuant to position, and it must be returned in its pure form.
The staff is Russian-speaking, so knowledge of Croatian or English is not required.
Split is a warm city. There is no frost during the day. The average daily temperature in the winter is +8…+ 14°. In the summer +24…+ 32°. Sometimes the wind blows, and rarely raining, that’s why work is so comfortable.
Currency unit in Croatia – Kuna, exchange rate 7.5 kun=1euro.
Take with your personal hygiene facilities and towel, casual clothes and underwear.
You get new working uniform (trousers or semi overall, jacket, special shoes, vest, helmet). If you wish, you can bring your own change clothing.