Roofing works in Croatia

Service of our company

Company «Kvalitetna Gradnja» specializes in roofing works of any complexity. Using modern materials and professional technologies allows us to guarantee the quality of services.

Are you worried that your target is on one of the islands? You think the mainland company won’t want to cooperate with you? «Kvalitetna Gradnja» performs construction work in Croatia both on the mainland and on the islands (Krk, Cres, Brač, Hvar, Čiovo, Vis, and others).

Types of work:

1. New roofs for newly constructed buildings. Work may be undertaken at any stage: installation of the supporting structure, roof cake, coating, accessories, components, pre-roofing and other elements of the roof.
2. Roof reconstruction. Do you need to change the design or increase the strength ? We also work on the use of new materials in the roof sandwich or for the coating.
3. Repair of the roof. Our specialists will examine and assess the current condition of the roof. After that It will be possible to replace or strengthen the load-bearing elements, install a new insulator, and install hydro-insulating films or membranes.

Meanwhile, the old roof is removed and a new roof is laid. The type of coating can be changed at your discretion. The type of coating can be changed at your discretion. We work all year round, and we do roofing even in winter. «Kvalitetna Gradnja» Company has only experienced specialists, so our team of roofers will solve any given task. We’ll do all the turn-key roofing work – from designing the roof to installing drains on the finished roof.

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