Pile screw feature mounting

For the correct turnkey installation of the pile screw foundation, you need to know what kind of load it will withstand.

Many factors are needed for the selection and installation of piles: type of soil, construction, immersion, etc. You also have to take into account the customer’s financial side. You can order by counting the quantity and choosing the type of piles

 Works performed by Kvalitetna Gradnja in installation:

  • Technology projects creation;
  • Preparing the territory for the foundation ;
  • Creation foundations for structures and buildings, cottages, bridges and utility poles;
  • Hydraulic technic works;
  • Building materials removing;
  • Equipment dismantling;
  • Reinforcement of finished buildings;
  • Construction design.

The base on screw piles is suitable for any soil. It will be strong and tough, and it will not collapse for many years. Screw piles contain concrete, metal, reinforced concrete. There are also cases where wood and steel form the basis of the material. Behind the structure there are square, round, rectangular, polyhedral, columns, hollows and others. With large volumes of work, the bases from screw piles are reduced in price per linear metre.

During the construction, significant parts of the financial costs are on the foundations of the real estate on average between 30 and 50 per cent. Thereby, the choice of the foundation of the future structure is a very important moment. Therefore, it is necessary to weigh all advantages and disadvantages, make the appropriate calculations, and only after that decide which type of foundation you need. Screw piles are a solid and durable basis of construction, with many advantages compared to traditional methods of construction of foundation. Every person wishes to have a reliable and durable structure.

The advantages of a screw-pile foundation are the high speed of installation, the possibility of manual installation, which makes it possible to work in close proximity to finished buildings and without the use of sophisticated equipment. Also, the cleanliness of the building on the site during installation at any time of year with the agreed period, construction on the complex landscape, and what is more, the cost of screw piles is much lower than that of other bases. The main advantage of a screw – pile foundation is that the piles are submerged below the level of frost; therefore, this type of foundation will be a reliable support for the house, because frost heaving is not threatened in contrast to strip foundation. Disadvantages of the screw – pile foundation include the lack of a basement, as well, the floor of the house on screw piles needs to be more carefully insulated and there are restrictions on the mass of the building.

«Kvalitetna Gradnja» company pays special attention to such details as soil research with the aim of making an informed decision about the technology is suitable for construction in a given location. Moreover, it is very important to correctly calculate the carrying capacity of piles and the soil itself.

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