Completed concrete work on an apartment building in Rogoznica.

Internal work began:
We carry out work on connecting electrics; water; sewerage; laying of interior walls; facade work; roofing; waterproofing and tiling.

Construction of a private villa in the village of Yarebinyak near Rogoznica has begun.

02/03/2021 started the construction of a private villa with a total area of ​​355m2 with a swimming pool. During the first 10 days of construction, all the ground works were completed, the strip foundation of the villa was formed and poured with concrete.

Construction of a complex of 8 luxury villas has begun in the town of Kastell Stafilich (Split-Dalmatian region)

02/01/2021 in the town of Kastel Stafilic, which is located 15 km from the city of Split, we started the construction of 8 villas, each with a swimming pool and its own territory, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea. The construction is carried out on a turnkey basis. You can see the construction process in detail in the “Projects” section of our website. The total area of ​​concrete construction works is 5555m2. During the first 2 weeks of construction, all the earthworks for the first villa were completed, the foundation for the villa and the pool is already ready, and the formwork for pouring concrete into the walls of the first floor and the walls of the pool has begun.

The construction of a pool on the roof of the Split building was completed.

Now the pool on the roof of the building is ready for clean tiling.

The villa facade has been insulated

The insulation of the facade of the villa has been completed on the island of Korčula (Korčula) in the village of Prižba (Prižba) near the port of Vela Luka (Vela Luka).