Brickwork is one of the most popular construction methods, made of bricks laid according to a certain technology and fixed to each other with a mortar.

Nowadays, this  material is also increasingly used for finishing in multilayered insulated structures. Brickwork  is used in both private and mass building development. Types of brick used during construction:

– The sand- lime brick is the cheapest in production compared to other materials.

– The ceramic classical red brick is produced from common clay at a temperature of 800-1000 °C.

– The clinker brick by technology of production differs from ceramic by higher firing temperature, which leads to the resistance of any negative factors, such as high humidity, high temperatures, adverse impact of atmospheric conditions. There are also several bricklaying methods. The quality of the walls and the labor input of the work depends on the correct method of laying.

The price of brickwork M2

There are several brickwork methods which differ according to the type of brickwork bond, structural and decorative qualities.
– Stretcher bond, in which stones are moved by a quarter or a half of the length; they are rarely used in the construction of walls, more often in facing work.

– Chain bond is used in the scheme: first row is course of binders, second row is stretcher with parallel laying of 2 stones, but with mandatory joint spacing.

– Lightweight masonry is used in low-rise construction. The distinguishing characteristic is the presence of large voids in wall structures, which are usually filled with insulated material.

– Reinforced masonry improves the strength and reliability of brick constructions.

– Decorative masonry is used to create a beautiful architectural look of the facade that will conveniently distinguish your building from the others.

– Bavarian masonry technique consists in random mixing of varicoloured bricks.

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