Pile screw foundation

Pile screw foundation in Croatia


Earthworks in Croatia

Monolithic work

Monolithic work in Croatia

Brick and block laying

Brick and block laying in Croatia

Dismantling of buildings

Dismantling of buildings in Croatia

Roofing works

Roofing works in Croatia

Facade works

Facade works in Croatia

Installation of engineering networks

Installation of engineering networks in Croatia

General construction – integrated maintenance of facilities starting from project development, harmonization of technical documentation, and finishing with  connection to building of engineering networks and improvement of the territory including further maintenance. Thus, general construction work in building is a list of works performed on site (object) in the construction of buildings and facilities.

The general construction work has become very popular because of the integrated approach to mounting tasks, which is very much for the client compared to finding individual performers for different services. Construction works are often called as general contractor.

Development of a key organization is a matter of urgency now, the client entrusts full control over all stages of the construction, which saves time and money for the client.

General construction works are divided into several types depending on the type of materials used, the elements of construction and the technological process and technological features, without which it is impossible to represent a building or structure, start from the design, harmonization  of necessary documentation and ending with engineering communications. Each stage is characterized by a clear classification and a strict specificity of fulfillment. Generally, general construction is an extensive list of multiple tasks aimed at obtaining a ready to-do purpose of which is to obtain a finished object.

The main types of general construction are: 

  • Geodetic work;
  • Detailed engineering ;
  • Preparatory work;
  • Earthwork;
  • Stonework;
  • Concrete/reinforced concrete work;
  • Installation work;
  • Roofing work;
  • Finishing work;
  • Insulation work;


Ugradnje i odabira materijala

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