Professional installation of engineering networks is a mandatory process in the construction of buildings and structures. Company «Kvalitetna Gradnja» performs the design and laying of engineering networks, installation of external and internal lines. Our specialists will help to carry out this type of work in a competent and responsible manner. The company is staffed by installers and civil engineers with many years of experience in installing water supply, heating and electrical systems.

You don’t need to worry about the durability of the installed systems. All conditions and subtleties likely to disrupt communications are taken into account at the design stage, modern materials and equipment are used for long-term maintenance without repair. Do you have to do this work quickly because of the time constraints? You can do it!

The work at «Kvalitetna Gradnja» does not stop even on weekends and holidays, and the workers are in the building site for 9-10 hours per day .

The company carries out such work to provide the site with vital resources:

  • Installation of heating system;
  • Water supply installation;
  • Sewerage system installation ;
  • Electrical supply;
  • Ventilation installation;
  • Cold and heat supply to the building;

Company «Kvalitetna Gradnja» is engaged in the installation of internal and external engineering networks and communications throughout Croatia,  including  Krk, Cres, Brač, Hvar, Čiovo, Vis islands.

Proceed to construction of any modern building, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the need for such an undertaking as laying engineering networks. In designing the project, we take into account the already available communications, consider the possibility of connecting to them. Start of construction includes electricity, heating, gas, water and drainage projects, ventilation and communication. Correcting errors made at this stage will be costly at a later stage. Intelligent design of external and internal communication networks reduces the use of material resources in the construction of buildings and reduces the cost of maintaining the facility during its operation. Company «Kvalitetna Gradnja» offers services for installation of external engineering networks and internal communications at various facilities in Croatia.

Company «Kvalitetna Gradnja» performs construction of engineering communications only after a thorough development of the project. After handing over the project, the installation of all necessary communications begins. There are many factors that affect the duration and cost of the work. First of all, there is a well-thought-out project with all the details. The installation carried out under such an engineering project will be done much faster, And its value will be an order of magnitude lower. In addition, the size of the house and its purpose, the complexity of the installation and other factors influence the time frame.

Thus, the skilled installation of engineering systems is one of the most important stages in the construction of the facility, which will ensure the proper operation of the facility as a whole. Ensuring the implementation of the project for the construction and installation of all necessary engineering systems is a task for the team of «Kvalitetna Gradnja» professionals.

The correct installation of internal and external networks are:

  1. Work performed by licensed professionals in accordance with regulations;

2. Absence of legal problems, timely receipt of clearance documents;

3. The use of special technology to carry out work as quickly as possible;

4. Comfort and safety in the operation of engineering systems;

5. Guarantee for all works.

We take an integrated approach to work, including engineering systems in construction. Therefore, we guarantee individual approach and solution of problems of any complexity. Our employees will perform start-up work and take over the process of putting the facility into operation.

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