Manual development and excavation

Manual development and excavation in Croatia


Trenching in Croatia

Development and digging foundation pits

Development and digging foundation pits on Croatia

Soil removal and disposal

Soil removal and disposal in Croatia

Sandy and sandy- soil backfill

Sandy and sandy- soil backfill in Croatia

Soil compaction by plugging

Soil compaction by plugging in Croatia

The earthworks with Kvalitetna Gradnja company

Zemljani radovi sa tvrtkom Kvalitetna Gradnja

Looking for a company for earthworks in Croatia? You  have  come to the right place. An important and fundamental stage of construction. The reliability and durability of the future building depends on how well the earthworks will be carried out. The company «Kvalitetna gradnja» takes up projects of any complexity. The experienced engineers will accurately determine the workload and type of equipment to clear the area, dig trenches or demolish old buildings. For this type of work we use modern machines and equipment which develop the soil with a high level of accuracy.

Do you need to clear out the area? For this purpose, the company «Kvalitetna gradnja» employs special equipment, such as clippers, graders and bulldozers. We carry out projects of any scale, from digging under pipelines to comprehensive preparation for construction. «Kvalitetna gradnja» has only reliable machines wich able to bear difficult working conditions.

At the same time «Kvalitetna Gradnja» performs construction and repair work not only on the mainland but also on the islands, such as Krk, Cres, Brač, Hvar, Čiovo, Vis, and other.

Any capital construction is a laborious and multi – stage process. The construction of any facility requires a large number of stages that begin with earthwork.  The correct earthwork is a guarantee of good operational or aesthetic properties of the future building.

Earthworks are engineering works created through the processing of dislocation and/or cultivation of huge amount of soil and unformed rock. Earthworks are carried out for changing the topography of land and for achievement of project levels.

Earthworks are one of the most fundamental construction works in civil engineering and happen whenever and wherever construction takes place.

To carry out this work safely and economically, the company «Kvalitetna gradnja» performs the valuation  of the engineering geology of the land, at which the work will be carried out, and accurately describes the nature and properties of the materials involved, develops detailed material specifications, assesses the amount of earthworks, calculates settings of construction and foundation, analyses the short and long-term stability of slopes and foundation and also develops appropriate building techniques.

The Company «Kvalitetna gradnja» performs earthworks with the help of modern special technology (excavators, bulldozers, tip-up lorries, etc.) and carries out the full spectrum of earthworks , guaranteeing high quality and democratic prices for earthworks and strict compliance with deadlines.

We offer completion of the full scope and phases of the work which makes the price of work more flexible without detriment to quality. However, the prices depend on the overall level of activity, complexity of the installation, quantity of  used equipment. Highly qualified specialists of company «Kvalitetna gradnja» will make a visit to the land, and they will take appropriate measurements and orientate  you on prices.

The types  of work:

Виды работ:

–  development of foundation trench;

– levelling of the construction site;

– drilling;

– dismantling of buildings and structures;

– excavation;

– development of drainage system;

– slopes protection ;

– design of excavation, vertical planning;

– stump clearance ;

– trench filling;

– ground compaction ;

– trench work;

– temporary infrastructure- building (roads/walkways);

– construction waste and soil disposal.

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