Monolithic work

Monolithic work is one of the main activities of «Kvalitetna Gradnja». It is a fast and efficient method of modern construction. That’s why it’s popular in industrial and private development. The high rhythm of life dictates new conditions. Therefore, there   is a great demand for quick construction and for unique projects. The technologies that were used 5 or 10 years ago cannot fully satisfy the customer’s wishes.

We carry out such types of work:

  • Wall construction in buildings of all floors;
  • Development of  inter-floor construction;
  • Construction of structural elements;
  • Construction of complex architectural elements.

«Kvalitetna Gradnja» has at its disposal all necessary equipment for carrying out monolithic works by modern  standards. We fulfil a full spectrum of monolithic construction services, both for individual and standard projects. At the same time, we are responsible for each step of the construction and provide the guarantee of whole work that was done.

This is only a brief list of work where monolithic construction can be applied. The main advantages of this construction method are high speed, precision and no need to wait for shrinkage of ready building before finishing. The additional advantage is the availability of own equipment in the company, as well as the stuff of worked and direct material supply. All this lowers the total cost estimation of construction works. «Kvalitetna gradnja» offers construction services by monolithic construction throughout Croatia. Including  Krk, Cres, Brač, Hvar, Čiovo, Vis islands.

Monolithic works are a method of construction buildings and structures in which the main material is monolithic reinforced concrete. A key feature is the building envelope which are not assembled from individual elements but are poured and the result is monolithic, seamless walls. The company “Kvalitetna Gradnja» has a reputation of reliable developer on the construction market and it has a fleet of modern equipment, experience and skills in various civil or industrial works. Our specialists actively use monolithic works for building of robust, reliable constructions, which allows to build new constructions in the presence of the dense city development.
The main advantages of the buildings and dwellings houses constructed by this method are:
– high construction rate
– flexibility in architectural and planning solutions, any architectural forms can be constructed;
– high and strong seismic stability
– refractoriness of building
– lowering cost (in comparison with brick or panel building).
The cost of the monolithic works depends on the scale of the future facility and its level of complexity the availability of non-standard architectural solutions, the type of concrete used, ambient air temperature. The main stages of monolithic construction are:
1. Preliminary preparation of the construction site for the construction of the building.
2. Reinforcing cage is being installed to give additional reliability and strength to the walls of the building.
3. Installation of form work
4. Pouring of concrete and mixtures responsible for shaping the walls of the future building.
5. Removal of form work
6. Exterior and interior finishing of the house.

If you are looking for a real developer who will perform work quality and on time in accordance with necessary requirements, «Kvalitetna gradnja» company is ready to help you in realization of your project whether it is an apartment complex, a low-rise building, or a cottage.

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